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We pride ourselves on personally training both children and adults to swim. We have been successful in doing this since 2005



Confident swimming lessons

The Benefits


In a warm and relaxed environment, where the pupil can focus on safety and technique without distractions. The use of our double sized endless flow pools harness our pioneering methods of tuition which allows the teacher, whether in or out of the pool, to be always right along side their students as they swim. This, combined with the floor mirrors means the student receives constant feedback at each stage of development.

The methods we teach are based on a process of relaxation and flotation. Each level is formulated to encourage and inspire your child to learn and improve their swimming techniques. Firstly how to submerge, then to float, to understand safety, on to stroke technique.


Progression chart

Level 01

  • Developing breath holding and exhalation
  • Understanding breath holding and submersion
  • Recovering objects from the p oo l floor
  • Jumping in unaided to the teacher
    Introduction to the correct head and body position
  • Introduction to push and glides
  • Introduction to the leg kick action
  • Floatation front
  • Floatation back
  • Dog paddle and safety 10 breaths

Level 02

  • Back stroke Kicking with a float for 20 seconds
  • Freestyle kicking 10 seconds = 5 metres
  • Introduction to freestyle arm action
  • Introduction to freestyle breathing
  • 10 breaaths of lateral breathing
  • Introduction to breaststroke kicking

Level 03

  • Freestyle mechanics with pull, push and recovery
  • Introduction to a Freestyle somersaults
  • Introduction to a symmetrical, simultaneous breast stroke kick
  • Introduction to the undulating butterfly kick
  • Introduction to the mechanics of the backstroke arm action
  • Introduction to a back stroke starts
    2.5 breaths of lateral breathing = 25 metres
  • 10 breaths of bi-lateral breathing
  • 10 breaths of breaststroke with timing and co-ordination

Level 04

  • Understanding the correct head position for butterfly
  • Developing the Butter fly undulating kick
  • Knowledge of t he propulsive phase of backstroke arm action
  • Technique and timing of backstroke alternate arm action
  • Stamina Butterfly distance 10 breaths
  • Stamina Freestyle distance 50 breaths
  • Stamina Breaststroke distance 50 breaths
  • Backstroke 2 minutes = 100 metres
Clean healthy environment
The kids love it

About our pools


This unique swimming centre is specialising in personal training for both children, adults and triathletes, a pool where everyone can focus without large groups or crowded and noise polluted pools. The use of these flow pools harness our pioneering method of tuition and allow the teachers to be in or out of the water who will constantly engage with their swimmers.

This, combined with the internal stainless steel floor mirrors means our students receive instant acknowledgement of how they are swimming.

Our double sized Endless Pools have a regulated current to swim in and for want of a better word we call them a “swimming treadmill”.

"The person who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it."
"The last 20 years and our pioneering approach has changed the way swimming lessons are taught"

Our Main classes

We have classes that covers all ages and abilities. From zero to champion

Start them young


In a safe, relaxed atmosphere children as young as four months will learn to enjoy the water and feel confident.

  • Holistic Approach
  • Builds Confidence
  • Safe Environment
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Delivering confidence


Your children can join the programme at any point from the age of three onwards.

  • Build Confidence
  • Personalised and Safe
  • One 0n One Tuition
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beginner & Advanced

Adult & Triathletes

Overcome school day fears – improve on your technique, start a new hobby or get over the line first.

  • Fast Results
  • Personal Pool Time
  • Techniques Addressed
Adult classes
Triathlon classes
Fun and safe


Children with disabilities or special needs have a safe and fun environment to enjoy learning!

  • Fun Approach
  • Personal Space
  • Weightlessness
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Our current class schedule

One on One 5 Day Intensive courses are available during the school holidays

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Meet our instructors


Rob Harper

Founder - Director – Teacher

Has been teaching, coaching and developing in a life of swimming since the tender age of 6, who accomplished a mile at this age “My Mum says”Has taught and coached from the age of 17 and is smart enough to see what works, knowing that there is a brilliant formula for this method of teachingThe ability to be an inspiring manager who can get those who work for me to learn and apply the secrets of this swimming success.But there’s one thing more important than that – having great people working with you.


A.S.A level 2 Swim Teacher
Open Water swim Coach

From a very young age I have had a very close relationship with the pool, I started as a water polo player at the age of 6, then as an adult I grew a great deal of passion in swim teaching.

I have taught full time since 2016, working with children and adults.In 2018 I extended my professional swimming knowledge by becoming a Surf lifeguard and by doing Open Water Swimming. I'm a highly passionate individual who loves all ages, from 4 to my oldest swimmer of 88

Annabel Long

A.S.A level 2 swim teacher

Annabel is a self-professed water baby, ex-competitive swimmer, and qualified Level 2 teacher who has been teaching since her late teens. Swimming shaped her life growing up and she has since developed a passion for passing on that love of the water to as many people as possible!

Rhys Stone

A.S.A level 2 Swim Teacher

I have a background in competitive swimming since the age of 12, the highlight of which was competing at British Nationals. I love teaching, the best part is seeing the lightbulb moment when it all clicks into place. From developing confidence in the water to competitive training, there isn’t one part of teaching I enjoy best!

Sian Cancea

A.S.A level 2 swim Teacher
Parent and Baby Teacher
Open Water swim coach

Sian is a keen open-water swimmer and passionate about supporting people of all ages and abilities to achieve their swimming goals. She believes that everyone should have equal equity when it comes to swimming. Sian is an ex-competitive swimmer, L2 Swim Teacher, Disability Swim Teacher, Open Water Coach and self-confessed lifelong learner.

To find out more please phone Rob or text as we could be in the water

Call: 07957 364 534


Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions

How do I Book?

If you wish to book any of our state of the art courses or to find out more about what we do, please write to us on the form on this page

What course suits?

With a few simple questions we will be able to recommend the type of lesson available for your child, or even yourself.

Can I speak to someone?

You can text or call Rob on 07957 364 534 – (text maybe easier, as we’ll be in the water) and we'll get back to you

What are the peak times?

If you wish to book any of our state of the art courses or to find out more about what we do please write to us on the form on this page