CHILDREN's swim lessons in brighton & hove

Small classes, warm pools, great teachers, everything you need to make great swimmers

Children's Swim Classes
Weekdays & Saturdays

A pioneering method of teaching Children


The use of our double sized endless “flo” pools harness our pioneering method of tuition and allows our advanced swimming teacher to be right along side their students as they swim. They have a regulated current to swim in and for want of a better word can be called a “swimming treadmill”.

In the warm and relaxed environment pupils can focus on safety and technique without any of the big pool distractions. Quite often big pools are too noisy, too big and too cold and children in large groups really don’t get much attention. Here at the Aquanauts Swimming centre, our swim teachers are taught to specialise and personal train children in very small groups. We only teach in a 2:1 ratio and this provides the best possible conditions for the children to learn and progress.

Our pools are designed with swimmers in mind and have internal floor mirrors giving each little swimmer constant feedback at every stage of their development. Whether it be a toddler learning to put their face inside the water for the first time or a an advanced swimmer looking at the propulsive phase of their freestyle, the mirrors are an integral tool and an amazing visual aid.

The method taught is based on a process of relaxation and floatation and each level is formulated to encourage and inspire swimmers to learn and improve their swimming techniques. Firstly how to submerge, then to float, to understand safety and on to stroke technique.

Confidence is catching and patience is priceless and all our teachers have gallons of it, they all hold the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) or STA (Swimming Teachers’ Association) Level1 and 2 Qualification and more, most have swam competitively and all will have been taught in the Aquanauts Swimming School method of teaching.

Each teacher has a recognized life-saving qualification that we update every 2 years, and has a DBS security check Enhanced Disclosure. We’re proud of our 1:1 and 2:1 classes and we are proud that our kids don’t shiver as our water temperature is set to 30.5 degrees Fahrenheit

The environment creates a more focussed pupil and because of this we believe we have better swimmers at a younger age.The children can join the programme at any point from the age of 3 years.


Term Time Lessons

Children’s 2:1 lessons > £18.00
Children’s 1:1 lessons > £27.50

Weekdays – 14.00>18.45
Saturdays – 9.30>1.30 14.00>17.00

Holiday Swim Courses

Children’s 2:1 lessons > £18.00
Children’s 1:1 lessons > £27.50

Weekdays – 9.30>1.30  14.00>17.00


To find out more please Phone Rob
or text as we could be in the water

Call: 07957 364534