Triathlon swim lessons in brighton & hove

Getting ready for your first triathlon, or in pursuit of a PB at your next event, we'll help you improve your swim section.

Triathlon Swim Lessons
Weekdays & Saturdays

train for your First triathlon or improve for your next challenge


The use of our double sized endless “flo” pools harness our pioneering method of tuition and allows our advanced swimming teacher to be right along side their students as they swim. They have a regulated current to swim in and for want of a better word can be called a “swimming treadmill”.

Our improvers and advanced swimmers begin to love this element of the event and become passionate about nailing the hardest of the three sports because they are fascinated on improving their own individual ability in the pool or in the open water. 42

Performance improvement is dependent on actually how you swim, how you improve your breathing and technique and how much you train. We will work to improve your water fitness by working on your stroke technique and your endurance.

It’s true that you cannot swim 100 metres as easily as you can run it but once your stroke is better your event becomes more enjoyable and training becomes easier too.

Improving long distance swimming performance is highly geared towards achieving efficiency, which is often the area where the biggest and most straightforward gains can be made.

Everyone walks differently and everyone will swim a little differently too but what we do is build on your own power and your rhythm to have a solid base foundation so you can maximise on your stroke.

We help to guide you towards appreciating the strengths and weaknesses of your stroke style and identifying the optimum area of stroke development to focus on.

Beginner Triathlon

New to the sea or the open water it may be best to have a few 1:1 lessons first before entering your first event, we will look at stroke analysis, and breathing and your body alignment.

Intermediate Triathlon swimming lessons

You are already comfortable in the open water and the longer swims, you can easily do a 400metre swim and you’ve taken part in at least one or more events. However if the swim is tiring you out too much before the cycle section then we will need to look at your technique in more detail.

We will look at managing your energy more efficiently and maximising your efforts by utilising your propulsion phase better, your leg kick and your head position and timing the rhythm and the drive.

All these factors will help you to become a better endurance swimmer so you can complete the swim stage and be fresh enough to carry on to the cycle and run.


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