Baby swim lessons in brighton & hove

Come and join us to get your children swimming from an early age in a safe and warm environment

Parent and Baby lessons
4 months – 3 years | 10:45 – 11:45 weekdays

An incredibly moving experience


Our revolutionary pools are set at a constant 31 degrees Celsius making chilly water and cold changing room facilities a distant memory. We have two well thought out poolside changing rooms where we can easily accommodate our ratio of 5 mums per class. Our baby changing rooms have heaters installed so when you finish your swim class the whole area is nice and warm so that you and baby do not have a drastic change in temperature.

Common feedback about other schools is that the changing rooms are too small and lessons are too busy. With our 5:1 baby ratio lessons we endeavour to minimise this issue.

Here at Aquanauts we also have on-site buggy storage facilities to accommodate 10 buggies so that you are able to simply walk in, park up take your belongings and step into the changing rooms. Top tip would be for the parents to put on their swimming costumes at home. This obviously saves time and enables you to concentrate on getting your baby changed at the pool.

Our pools are set to a low chlorine level and they also have Ultra Violet light installation, which will kill more bacteria entering into the water and ensuring there is little to no effect on the users eyes.

Babies are asked to wear two layers of protection one will be your classic swimming “huggies” nappies fitted to their size and also a neoprene tight fitting swim suit on top to stop any leakage. The pool will be closed for 2 -3 hours if there are any little “accidents”.

Once they have had their triple injection children as young as four months can swim in a safe, relaxed and warm environment.

Through encouragement and a wonderful social engagement your child can develop brand new life skills, which help them to develop physically and mentally. Also you as the parent can develop more confidence and deepen the bond between you and your baby.

Babies are prone to sickness at a very early age and we are often asked “is it safe to swim” our general rule of thumb is “runny noses are fine, runny tummies are not”. If a cough and cold goes on to their little chests then it is best not to come and we will try and organise a make up class. We will operate these on other days and it’s simple to make a missed class up as often as you wish within your course.

Tea and coffee is provided for anyone en your route home should you wish.


Parent and Baby Lessons - £16.50 per lesson

booked in small blocks up to each half term


To find out more please Phone Rob
or text as we could be in the water

Call: 07957 364534